Steps to Using a Manhood Pump


Manhood pumps have been utilized for many decades and are still very popular. Men in relationships which are stable who do not get the desired results from impotence treatment pills or who do not wish to take medication prefer to use manhood pumps. Modern day advanced manhood pumps are easy to use and safe. Moreover, they also give pleasure to men due to their gentile vibrating mechanism.


The manhood pump, most commonly referred to as the vacuum pump is a device which is mostly used for treating impotence. Many men also utilize manhood pumps to increase the girth or length of the manhood or for masturbation. Even though there is a wide variety of manhood pumps available today, the most typical have an acrylic cylinder with a pump which might be attached directly to the tip of the manhood. The cylinder is attached to a motorized, manual or battery-powered pump to create suction. As the manhood pump creates a vacuum around the manhood, blood goes to the cock, allowing it to become engorged, leading to an erection. Excess pressure must not be applied at this stage as it may lead to damage to the manhood tissues. Slipping a manhood ring at the base of the manhood sustains the erection of the manhood. The work of the cock ring is to limit the blood flow so that one can maintain the erection long enough to finish the sexual activity.


Below, we discuss the steps to use pumps. Even though they may seem complicated, when you use them often, you will find these pumps easy to use.

To start with, push the manhood into the ring until the mouth of the tube is well against your body. At this stage you should pump slowly because over pumping may lead to serious damage to the manhood tissues. You should go on pumping until the cock is fully erect. If you want to learn more about penis pumps, you can visit


Do not use the pump for more than twenty minutes as it may lead to permanent damage of your cock.


Stop using the pump if you experience any pain.


After you have achieved the required hardness, slip in a cock ring at the base of the manhood before releasing the vacuum. This restricts blood flow and assists in maintaining an erection.


Do not put on the cock ring for more than thirty minutes as it may cause damage to your penile tissues.


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